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Beat the Heat

In this article, students will read about ways to deal with the hot temperatures that  are part of summer in so many places.   This article is provided at three reading levels so students can all read the same information, but each can read at a level that is appropriately challenging.                       … [Read More...]

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Students, All Grown Up

At the end of every school year, I used to wish that I had a magic crystal ball that would allow me to see into the future so that I could know how my students would turn out, who they would grow up to be and what they would do. So much potential in that […]


Pack Rat Teacher

I’m moving into a new house at the end of May. I’m ridiculously excited about the new house; we’ve been in a rental since last summer, so I can’t wait to own a house and be able to make it our own. And while it’s hard to wait for several more weeks to move, the […]


Changes 2015

I created my first website for teachers in April of 2004. In the almost 11 years since, technology has changed. Quite a bit.

Planning for Effective Instruction