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Winter Olympics

  It's hard not to love the Olympics. When people work so hard to reach the highest levels of their sport - that's something worth cheering for. It's great opportunity to to remind kids how much practice and work it takes to be "the best" and that no one wins every time. Read about the history of the Winter Olympics in these leveled reading articles. The same information is written at three different reading levels so that students can get the same information and participate in class discussions and activities, but they're reading text at their own reading level. Once students have read about the Winter Olympics and about some of the events held there, take advantage of the snow we've had and hold some winter events of your own: Make the Biggest Snowball Competition (Decide … [Read More...]

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Lesson Idea: Whole Number Jeopardy

Grades 2-6 | RIT 161-230
Operations: Understand Place Value
– Three Levels of “Jeopardy”-style games
– For small groups or whole class

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