Tools for Planning Effective and Focused Differentiated Instruction based on NWEA’s
Primary Grades Instructional Data (PGID).



Attributes, Patterns and Functions:


Understanding Algebraic Concepts:


Computation: Addition


Readiness for Multiplication, Division




Measurement and Geometry: Attributes, Compare, Order, Tools, Units


Measurement and Geometry: Identify Attributes: Lines, 2-D, 3-D


Measurement and Geometry: Measure and Estimate


Measurement and Geometry: Spatial, Transformations, Symmetry, Congruence


Number Sense: Count


Number Sense: Place Value and Base-Ten System


Number Sense: Relative Position and Magnitude


Problem Solving: Logic, Reasoning, Conjectures, Proof


Problem Solving: Solution Strategies, Verification of Answers


Problem Solving: Understand/Represent Word Problems


Statistics and Probability: Data Analysis


Statistics and Probability: Data Collection, Organization, Display


Statistics and Probability: Probability and Predictions



Blank Curriculum Ladder Template [w]



Material from DesCartes: A Continuum of Learning is provided by courtesy of Northwest Evaluation Association and may not be republished, rewritten, or redistributed. All rights reserved.


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