Lesson Ideas: Reading and Language Arts – For the Teachers

Can You Find? Cubing Activity

 Printable Cube Templates at Two Levels of Difficulty | Grade K-2 | RIT 121-180 |
Primary: Book Concepts

  • Locate and identify parts of a book

Cookbook Predictions

| Grade K-3 | RIT 131-180 |
Comprehension: Predictions, Inference

  • Predict, Infer and Conclude
  • Use titles and pictures to make predictions

Main Idea Outline

 Main Idea Chart with Labels | Grades 2-10 | RIT 171-220 |
Informational Text: Main Ideas, Supporting Details

  • Identify the most important ideas in a piece of text and the details that point to those ideas
  • Summarize

Story Strips Sequencing

 Sentence Strips Example for S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders | Grades 3, 6-8 | RIT <171-220 |
Literature: Sequence Events

  • Students line up strips of paper with events from a story
  • Could also be used with nonfiction

Plot Diagram Sequencing

Updated March 27, 2018

 Plot Curve Diagram
| Grades 3-8 | RIT 151-240 |
  • Students identify and defend the beginning, middle and end events in a story or article
  • Fiction (Can also be used with non-fiction)

 Text Scavenger Hunt

| Grade 3-8 | RIT 191-220 |
Locating Information, Concepts of Print

  • Features of Text: Text Scavenger Hunt
  • Explore a textbook and practice book-related vocabulary

 Cause and Effect Matrix

 Cause & Effect Path | Grades 3-10 | RIT 171-230 |
Literature, Informational Text: Cause and Effect

  • Match events to their outcomes
  • Can be used many times throughout the year with different texts

 Fact vs. Opinion

 Fact vs. Opinion Chart
| Grades 3-12 | RIT 171-230+ |
  • Students identify facts and write a fact-based summary of an article that includes or evokes strong opinions.

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