NWEA’s Learning Continuum – For the Teachers
The Learning Continuum is provided by NWEA as part of their MAP Growth assessment system.


Learning Continuum:

  • Makes connections between specific skills and RIT scores to identify what students are ready to learn.
  • Structured by instructional areas (such as Literature for Reading and Geometry for Math) which are organized based on state or Common Core standards.
  • Demonstrates the continuum of skills, showing what skills come before and after a set of skills, which can provide direction in instructional planning and goal setting.


Each column in the Learning Continuum includes the skills within a block of 10 RIT points. If a student has a RIT score of 205, then the skills within the 201-210 block are the skills that student is ready to work on in class right now.


The Learning Continuum can be used for:

  • Planning small group instruction, including flexible grouping
  • Goal setting
  • Identifying areas of strength and areas of concern for each student
  • Creating centers, homework, or other assignments based on skills needed for each student
  • Providing students, parents, and aides with specific skill sets for a student to focus on


To Access the Learning Continuum:

  • Log in to the NWEA reports website where you access your students’ MAP scores
  • Select “View Reports,” then “MAP Growth Reports”
  • From the list of MAP Growth Reports, select “Learning Continuum”


  • There are two ways to view the Learning Continuum:
    • “Class View” lists the blocks of learning statements vertically with students who scored within each block listed on the side.
    • “Test View” lists the blocks on learning statements horizontally (similar to the image above) and shows the full range of RIT scores.



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Material from the Learning Continuum is provided by courtesy of NWEA and may not be republished, rewritten, or redistributed. All rights reserved