Primary Curriculum Ladders Update – For the Teachers

Five more primary reading curriculum ladders were posted this morning:

  • Phonological Awareness: Medial Vowel Sounds
  • Phonics and Word Recognition:
    • Final -e
    • Short Vowel Sounds
    • Vowel Patterns
    • Vowel Teams


This was the last of the Phonological Awareness ladders. Of the 61 total primary reading ladders that will be posted, 39 are now posted. I’m still planning to have all of them (and the math ladders) available by the end of October.

September is always such a busy month in the education world. I’m a little baffled that it’s October already, but I’m grateful to have things settle into routine and to have time to get more ladders posted more often.

Once the primary ladders are done, then I’ll be updating the ladders for the upper grades.


And all the while playing with some new stuff, because that’s a lot more fun. 🙂


Primary Curriculum Ladders Update
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