Primary Ladders are Coming! – For the Teachers

Curriculum Ladders for primary math and reading are on their way!

This summer NWEA released a version of their MAP for Primary Grades aligned to the Common Core State Standards. In August, they followed up with a Common Core-aligned version of their “Primary Grades Instructional Data,” the documents that make it possible to match student test results with skills those students are ready to learn in class. (It does for the lower grades what DesCartes does for grades 2 and up.)


We started with reading, and have a handful done now. The rest (there will be 61 for reading and 42 for math) will be added over the next few weeks.

Primary Ladders Currently Available:


Also, the ladders already on the site, based on NWEA DesCartes, will also get an upgrade this fall to match up with the new version of the Common Core DesCartes that NWEA released this summer.

Primary Ladders are Coming!
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