The Best Plans… – For the Teachers

Every now and then, something works out just the way I’d planned.

Not very often, certainly. But every now and then.

I was at a conference today, the kind I could enjoy by just sitting and listening. I’m not really so good at sitting and listening, actually, so I in these situations I plan something else to do to keep part of my brain busy so I can listen with the rest.

Which works for me, for some reason.

It took much longer than I’d expected to complete the Primary Reading Curriculum Ladders, but they were finally finished last week. So I decided to see how many of the math ladders I could finish during the conference – including time at my hotel last night and tonight, and while listening to the speakers today.

And I actually got them all done. I just posted the last one.

Yeah, me!

There’s not a link to them on the site, yet, so the only way to get to them is from this blog, for now. It’s late, so I’ll save the button-making for on the plane tomorrow.

For now, I get to enjoy some sleep, having learned some interesting things today, met some interesting people, and completed another project. A really good day.



The Best Plans…
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