Planning for Effective Instruction – For the Teachers

  • What skills and concepts are your students expected to learn?
  • What should students know or be able to do at the end of this lesson or unit?
  • What skills and concepts do students need as prerequisites to what they are expected to learn?
Where to Look:

 Are all students expected to learn the same skills/concepts at the same level of difficulty/complexity?

  • Do you have assessment data or other information that can help identify the level at which each student is currently working?
  • Curriculum Scope and Sequence
  • State coherence maps
  • Can students work in small groups with others at a similar skill level?
 For More Information:
Related Instructional Strategies:
  • Are there individual students whose skill level is significantly above or below the rest of the class?
    • Consider developing independent projects or assignments at an appropriately level of difficulty
 Related Instructional Strategies:

  • In what authentic, relevant ways will students show how to apply the skills and concepts they’ve learned?
    • Projects, demonstrations
    • Application in other classes and subjects
Instructional Strategies:

Consider: Use rubrics

  • To make project/assignment criteria and learning targets clear to students
  • To assess multiple skills within a single project
  • To monitor student growth and progress from one project to another
  • To individualize project requirements, as needed

  • What activities, lessons and assignments are included in the instructional plan?
    Would any of these be logical choices for differentiation?
  •  Could a lesson be easily made more simple or more complex?
Adapting Directions:

Adapting the Complexity of the Assignment:

Consider: Not every lesson can be (or should be) differentiated. There are times when whole group instruction is more effective or simply more manageable.

  • What learning materials will be used (ie. textbooks, manipulatives, tools, etc.)?Would any of these be logical choices for differentiation?
  • Are there reading materials being used?
    Consider using various measures of reading comprehension to match students to text at an appropriate level of difficulty
Instructional Strategies:

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