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Get to Know Students: 100 Questions to Start Off the School Year

1) Are you glad to be at school?
2) Do you wish it were still summer?
48) Did you go camping this summer?

For each of these 100 Questions, students respond by standing up for “yes” or remaining seated for “no.”The questions can be adapted for any age group – and can even be fun with a group of adults!Ask all of the questions back-to-back as a whole class activity, or ask a few questions at a time, whenever there are a few minutes to fill before the bell rings or before a classroom transition.For some questions, you may choose to have students share a more detailed response with the class or with a neighbor.A fun way to learn more about your students and to get them all involved and physically active.


Featured Articles: School Uniforms


For Grades 3 and Up “School Uniforms” – Leveled reading articles about a middle school that requires uniforms.

  • The same information written at three levels of difficulty.
  • All students can read the same content, take part in the same discussions and answer the same questions, but they can read the material at a reading level that is appropriate for each of them.

Works especially well with this “Facts vs. Opinions” lesson plan and chart.


What To Do? Board

Answer the “What do we do now?” question before students even ask!

In a classroom where there is a lot of small group work and/or differentiation happening, there will frequently be times when some students finish their work before others.

Turn the edge of a white board or bulletin board into a list that students can check to know how they can best use their time.

To Use:

  • Print the “What to Do” cards on cardstock. Laminate them if you choose.
  • Stick a magnet or a square of 3-M Picture Hanging Strips (like velcro for walls) on the back of each
  • Teach students early in the year what each “To Do” card means
  • Take down or put up cards throughout each class day so that students always know what they can do when their assigned work is complete.


Ideas for Classroom Use: “What To Do? Board” blog post




Days of the Week

For calendars, agendas, etc.

*Suggestion: To print smaller images for a calendar, set your printer to print two pages per sheet.

Months of the Year

For calendars, agendas, etc.


Subjects & Class Periods

For daily assignments, objectives, homework, due dates, etc.


Back to School!

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