ISAT Charts and Graphs – For the Teachers

Based on the previous (NWEA) version of the ISAT, these tools are outdated, but may be a useful reference.

Charts and Graphs for Analyzing ISAT Results:

Consider: Test scores don’t give us the answers.
They help us to know what questions to ask.

Charts for Recording and Summarizing ISAT Scores:


Growth and Proficiency Graphs:

  • Graphs calculate typical growth goals for each student & show comparisons to Basic, Proficient, and Advanced scores
  • Copy or enter information on first worksheet  (“Original Data”).  Other worksheets pull information from that first page
  • Files open in Excel



Language Usage:


ISAT Cut Score Graphs: (2003)

  • Graphs calculate Fall to Spring growth for each student & percentage of goal met at Winter test
  • Each file includes Math, Reading, and Language Usage for that grade level
  • Files open in Excel
  • Created by Kristie Mitchell, Lakeland School District 272


ISAT Charts and Graphs
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