How to Use the Leveled Articles – For the Teachers

Step 1: Choose a Skill and Lesson

Lesson Plans and Materials for Cause and Effect, Fact vs. Opinion, Main Idea and Sequencing
Lesson Plans and Materials for Cause and Effect, Fact vs. Opinion, Main Idea and Sequencing
  • Each skill-based lesson can be used multiple times with the same students. Choose different reading material each time. This gives the students a chance to become comfortable with the format and the expectations so they can focus on the skill.
  •  Model, model, model, model!
    • Demonstrate the skill in detail, explaining your thinking process out loud, especially for struggling students.
    • Show the assignment page on an overhead projector. Read the article together. Pause and describe your thoughts as you look for the information needed to complete each part of the assignment.
    • The first time you give an assignment, complete at least the first half of it as a whole class. Give the students multiple chances to hear you explain how to use the skill before asking them to try it on their own.
  • Allow students to work together. Talking through the work may help them clarify their thinking and gives you a chance to listen in and better understand how much they are able to do.

Step 2: Choose an Article:

Free Leveled Reading Articles on a variety of topics
Free Leveled Reading Articles on a variety of topics
Each article is available at three reading levels:

  • Level 1: Approximate reading level 3-4 grade
  • Level 2: Approximate reading level 5-6 grade
  • Level 3: Approximate reading level 7-10 grade

Note: These articles are fiction, but they are written to be read and used as non-fiction. Many of the stories have their basis in a real event or situation, but the names, places and details have been changed. As much as possible, statistics in the articles are true so that classroom discussion isn’t guided by false information.

For older and more advanced students, these articles can be great resources for a lesson on validity of a source. Ask students: How do you know if what is written here is true? Can you believe what you read?

Step 3: Assign Students:

  • Use assessment data and classroom performance to determine the most effective level for each child to work.
  • Assign each student the level of article most appropriate for that individual student. All students can read about the same story and practice the same skills using reading materials that are at their own level so they are able to learn more (See Zone of Proximal Development)
  • Be flexible. If a student is struggling or needs more of a challenge, adjust his/her assigned work accordingly.



How to Use the Leveled Articles

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