Kindergarten Creativity – For the Teachers

I’m sure that I’m more than a little biased, but I think my kindergartner is pretty fantastically creative.

This morning she made a robot out of boxes, paper and crayons (for the antennas), declaring as she worked, “I’ve always wanted to be in a robot parade!”

Yesterday she put all of the chairs in the playroom on their sides in a big circle to make a “horse corral.” Then she performed a horse show, playing the parts of six different horses, each with its own distinctive personality and abilities. My favorite was the one that could spin super fast.

So I’m always thrilled when she has a chance to use her creative brain at school – watching how she works renews my passion for creative, engaging, student-focused instruction.

In her math group, they’ve apparently been working on the concepts of greater than and less than.

I think that many of us learned (or taught) greather than and less than by telling students that the “alligator” (the greater than or less than symbol) opens its mouth toward the larger number. For some reason, this particular idea has really stuck with my daughter. She drew the picture below this past weekend.


The alligator is saying, “I like to eat the big, juicy numbers!”



Kindergarten Creativity
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