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FI Computer DeskNote: When I started my first website for teachers in 2004, one of my intentions was to share links to other useful websites. At the time, there were a few great sites and new ones cropping up all the time, but nowhere near the variety available now. Over time sites change or disappear, and links go down. So I'm moving the lists of my favorite websites to blog posts, to show that as of the date of this post, these links all work and connect to some resources I've found to be helpful.



 General Teacher Resources:
 4 Teachers (All Levels)
  • Wide variety of information and free tools for teachers
  • Create customized rubrics in English or Spanish (Rubistar)
  • Create on-line quizzes for students (QuizStar)
  • Resources for assessment, bilinigual education, and diverse student needs for Educators (All Levels)
  • Regulary updated links to information
  • Specific areas for elementary, secondary and adult education
 Cyberbee Links (All Levels)
  • Links to curriculum and technology websites
  • On-line treasure hunts, technology how-to’s, and research tools
  • Ideas for using the internet to support your curriculum
 Daily Dose of the Web (All Levels)
  • Question of the Day
  • Daily trivia, quotations, and brain teasers
  • Links to other daily vocabulary, analogies, and information by subject area
 Global Schoolhouse (All Levels)
  • Search for on-line projects in which your students can participate
 Teacher Planet (All Levels)
  • Links to education and age-level based websites
  • Includes a variety of tutorials for software programs and internet use


Websites for Teachers
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