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Animal_Games_CardsMy six-year-old invented a game today.

She cut out pieces of paper to be cards, and on each she drew a different animal. I think the monkey turned out especially cute.

For the record, the one that looks a bit like a black blob with a tail is a King Cobra.

She taught me and her brother how to play, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it really worked.


Game Rules:

For 3-4 people

  1. 2-3 of the people sit at desks or a table and close their eyes
  2. The person who is “It” puts one animal card in front of each person
  3. “It” poses like one of the animals on the cards and then tells the others to open their eyes
  4. If one of the players thinks “It” is posing like the animal on his/her card, he or she raises her hand and names the animal
  5. If the player is correct, he or she gets to be “It” for the next round


I’m thinking this could be modified to play with a class or small group to review content vocabulary, historical figures, and concepts. It would be a lot like charades, but I like that there are a limited set of possible answers in front of the students so they would have to compare and contrast to determine which is correct.

For example, if the options are “evaporation,” “water cycle,” and “condensation,” the students would have to have a good understanding of the differences between each in order to act them out and to know what to watch for.

Could be a lot of fun!



Animal Game

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