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Teachers make a difference.

EffectiveTeacher_FeaturedA number of research studies have shown that the #1 factor on influencing student learning is the effectiveness of the teacher.

More than class size, more than curriculum, more than funding…

the quality of the teacher makes the biggest difference.

Effective Teachers…

*** Make Instruction & Learning the Priority
  • Establish clear goals, objectives and focus
  • Focus on what is within their control
  • Base instruction on standards; prioritize – spend time on what students need most
  • Utilize a variety of instructional strategies
  • Base instructional plans on the needs of the students
  • Design hands-on, problem-based activities based on real-world applications
  • Seek depth of understanding
  • Provide opportunities to question, debate, explore, examine, and wonder
  • Monitor and assess – Provide regular, meaningful feedback to students
  • Use formal and informal assessment to guide instructional planning
  • Maximize instructional time
  • Maintain a safe, orderly, productive environment


*** Know & Respect Their Students as Individuals


*** Cultivate Professional Responsibilities
  • Work in partnership with others; develop teams for instructional support and sharing of resources and leadership responsibilities
  • Know your subject content
  • Demonstrate life-long learning habits
  • Reflect and review own teaching practices (Journaling, portfolios, reflective thought/discussion)
  • Method doesn’t matter – Use what works (Personal preference)
  • Teach students to also reflect and self-evaluate



Being an Effective Teacher

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