Bell Ringers – For the Teachers

Back in college, for a few hours one afternoon, I volunteered to be one of those people who stands at the front of a store and rings a bell to try to get people to put money in a bucket for charity.

Most of what I remember of that day is being very, very cold and very, very bored. I haven’t done it since. But when I see bell ringers now, I try to always put in a couple of dollars and offer them a sincere “thank you” for their willingness to stand there for a good cause.

I read an article recently about how money isn’t the only thing that ends up in those donation buckets; sometimes some very valuable items are found inside.

Maybe if I’d stuck it out longer that day in college, I would have seen something interesting. For now, I’ll just read about it. While tucked in and warm, inside.


One story. Three reading levels.


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Level 2 Article
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Level 3 Article








Bell Ringers
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