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Apparently, July is the month of strange things in the sky and of junk food.

We’ll celebrate with fireworks on the 4th and also see “World UFO Day,” the anniversaries of the reported crash at Roswell, New Mexico and the end of the Space Shuttle program.

July is also National Ice Cream Month and includes Chocolate Day, Tapioca Pudding Day, Cheesecake Day, and Sugar Cookie Day.

Other Fun Days to Celebrate:

  • July 5 – National Workaholics Day – Especially since it’s a Friday this year, anyone choosing to work on the day between a holiday and a weekend definitely qualifies as a workaholic.
  • July 10 – Teddy Bear Picnic Day – My 6-year-old will love this and will definitely want to celebrate!
  • July 19 – National Anti-Boredom Month – By now many parents will be hearing their kids complain of boredom. I plan to use a line I heard from the mother of one of my good friends: “You’re too smart to be bored!”
  • July 24 – Amelia Earhart’s Birthday – In time for her 116th birthday, pictures have surfaced that provide clues about what happened to her on that last flight.
  • July 28 – National Parents’ Day – Which means that kids everywhere should be especially kind and well-behaving, right?


Have a Happy July!


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Celebrate Every Day in July 2013!

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