“Spewing Passion Everywhere” – For the Teachers

Several weeks ago, I stumbled into the world of Twitter chats.

There are many different chats for educators that take place regularly. Some focus on certain grade levels, others are by state, others are by content area or role. This week I joined one related to Gifted and Talented eduction (I’ve taught 7th and 8th grade GT) and one for Instructional Coaches. And I’ve “lurked” on a few others.

I have learned so much. I love getting to hear directly from people in all sorts of different roles and different places, all with one common goal: doing what is best for kids.

This morning I joined in on #satchat for the west coast, one of my favorite chats. The topic was about igniting your passion in education. It was a fantastic chat – so many great ideas and so much enthusiasm. I’m pretty sure I was smiling the entire time.

One of the teachers made a comment that stuck with me. This is how I picture “Spewing Passion Everywhere.”


“Spewing Passion Everywhere”

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