‘Twas the Last Day of Winter Break – For the Teachers

‘Twas the last day of winter break and all through the land,
Not a child was stirring, trying to sleep while they can.

Mom tried to wake them, though they grumbled and glared.
“Alarm clocks tomorrow! We must be prepared!”

The children then realized, much to their great sorrow
That they would be headed back to school tomorrow.

Christmas decorations were gone, but the house was a mess,
The result of days filled with fun, games and rest.

Legos and playing cards covered the floor.
Much fun had been had; there’s still time for some more.

Boots, jackets and hats lay where they were tossed.
Somewhere out in the snow one glove was still lost.

Cookies from the neighbors they’d tried to savor
Still sit on the counter, a strange, unknown flavor.

Frosting was stuck to the walls with no care
Until someone noticed. “How did this get there?”

Now vacation was ending; it was time to return
To school and classes – there’s much new to learn!

To see friends again will bring the children much cheer.
Happy New Year to all, and to all a great year!








‘Twas the Last Day of Winter Break
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