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ColoredPencils FINote: When I started my first website for teachers in 2004, one of my intentions was to share links to other useful websites. At the time, there were a few great sites and new ones cropping up all the time, but nowhere near the variety available now. Over time sites change or disappear, and links go down. So I'm moving the lists of my favorite websites to blog posts, to show that as of the date of this post, these links all work and connect to some resources I've found to be helpful.



 Music and Art Resources :
 BusSongs (Grades K-4)
  • Lyrics, videos and music for over 2,000 kids’ songs and nursery rhymes
  • Well-organized; genres inlcude “Counting Songs,” “Holiday Songs,” “Gross-Out Songs” and many more
 Classics for Kids (All Levels)
  • Classic Music for Kids, includes a featured “Composer of the Month”
  • Information about composers organized alphabetically, by country and by time period
  • Games include “Note Name Game” and “Compose Your Own Music”
 Crayola (Grades K-8)
  • Craft ideas and coloring pages, including make-your-own coloring pages from a digital photo
  • Section for Educators includes lesson plans and art techniques
 Incredible Art Lessons from Princeton On-Line (All Levels)
  • Lesson ideas from early education through high school
  • Includes art history games, art free time activities, and drama activities
 Music Activities for Kids from TLC (Grades K-8)
  • Activity ideas for get kids interested in making music


Websites for Teachers: Music and Art
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