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FI NebulaNote: When I started my first website for teachers in 2004, one of my intentions was to share links to other useful websites. At the time, there were a few great sites and new ones cropping up all the time, but nowhere near the variety available now. Over time sites change or disappear, and links go down. So I'm moving the lists of my favorite websites to blog posts, to show that as of the date of this post, these links all work and connect to some resources I've found to be helpful.



 General Science Resources:
  Bill Nye the Science Guy (Grades 2-8)
  • Demostrations and experiments
  • Guides for episodes of the t.v. show
  BrainPop (Grades 2-12)
  • Short video clips a wide variety of topics from Science, Social Studies, Math, English, Health, and Technology
 Children’s Discovery Museum (Grades K-8)
  • On-line games and activities on a variety of science topics
  • Classroom activities for preschool through 8th grade
 Exploratorium (Grades 6-12)
  • Detailed resources for math and science teachers
 National Geographic for Kids (Grades 3-8)
  • On-line games, activities and experiments
  • Includes maps, homework help and news
 Science World (Grades 8-12)
  • Detailed information on chemistry, physics, math, biographies, and astronomy
 Scientific American (Grades 8-12)
  • Magazine on-line, with news, pictures, and detailed information
  • Includes daily trivia and “Ask the Experts” sections
 Why? Files (Grades 4-12)
  • Science behind the news and current events
  • Interactive activites about tornados, lightning, snowflakes, and home runs
 Yuckiest Site on the Internet (Grades 3-6)
  • Worms, bugs, snot, etc. – Activities and information
 Earth and Space Science Resources:
 Amazing Science (Grades 4-12)
  • Space resources for teachers and students
  • Includes on-line activities, pictures, and homework help
 Dig: Archaeology Magazine for Kids (Grades 3-8)
  • Articles, quizzes, and classroom resources
  • Glossary of archaeology terms
 Explorations Through Time (Grades K-12)
  • On-line activities and games related to recycling and conservation
  • Specific resources for high school students and teachers
 Children’s Discovery Museum (Grades K-8)
  • On-line games and activities on a variety of science topics
  • Classroom activities for preschool through 8th grade
 Space Science for Kids from NASA (Grades K-12)
  • News, pictures, and detailed information with many links
  • Education Page includes games, quizzes and links
  • StarChild for younger students
 USGS Learning Web (Grades K-12)
  • Resources for Geology, Biology, Geography, and Hydrology from the U.S. Geological Survey
  • Project Ideas, Homework Help and Research Tools for Students
  • Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities, and Paper Models for Teachers
 Life Science Resources:
 Biology 4 Kids (Grades 3-12)
  • Information on cells, microorganisms, invertebrates/vertebrates and animal systems
  • Includes slideshows and quizzes
 Human Body Facts (Grades 3-10)
  • Skeleton and Bones Facts
  • Links to pages on Senses, Blood, Teeth, Brain and other body systems
 Shedd Aquarium (Grades 4-12)
  • Detailed information and pictures for a wide variety of sea creatures
  • Includes information on conservation and resources for teachers
 Weather Resources:
 All About Snow (Grades 2-12)
  • Questions & Answers, and links to articles and other information about blizzards, avalanches, snowflakes and other snow-related things
  • Includes “Snow Science” and photographs (current and historic)
 Dr. Dewpoint’s Weather 101 (Grades 4-12)
  • Updated articles on weather-related phenomonon
  • Gloassary of weather vocabulary, Questions & Answers, and information about climates and currents


Websites for Teachers: Science
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