Celebrate Every Day in February 2014! – For the Teachers

The Olympics are coming!

February often seems to be a blah sort of month, so I’m looking forward to spending much of this month get excited about and cheering for the U.S. athletes competing in Sochi. And I get to go skiing at the end of this month for the first time in years, so I’ll be imagining Olympic speed even as I drift slowly down the bunny hill.

February bring us the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and of Norman Rockwell, Laura Ingalls Wilder (February 7), and Babe Ruth.

This month we also get to celebrate cherries, canned food, gum drops, taco chips, pistachios, grapefruit and chocolate mint.

Honor American Heart Month by “Doing a Grouch a Favor” on February 16 and give students a chance to be creative on Inventors’ Day on February 11.

Have a great month!



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Celebrate Every Day in February 2014!

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