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School’s out for the summer!

Today is the last day of school in our area, so we certainly have lots of reasons to celebrate here. Hopefully for most teachers and students June will be a month of more relaxing days and chances to try new things and to recharge.

June brings the longest day of sunlight for the year – the start of the season of summer, days to celebrate ice tea, ice cream sodas, and excuses to have candy, donuts and chocolate eclairs.

June is also the month we celebrate zoos and aquariums, safe boating, rivers, roses, and accordions.


My favorite days in June are the ones that give us an excuse to explore some potential new talents, or at least to be able to laugh at ourselves and have fun. In keeping with the idea of wanting to be passionate, risk-taking, pirate teachers, these are the days I most look forward to celebrating:


June 6 – National Yo-Yo Day

Grab a yo-yo and pull up some YouTube videos that show you how to do tricks like Sleeper, Walk the Dog, and ‘Round the World.


June 8 – National Best Friends Day

Spend this Saturday having coffee or a picnic (or whatever else you most enjoy doing) with your best friends.


June 15 – World Juggling Day

Start with three scarves or some small, easy-to-catch rubber balls and look to YouTube again for directions. Laugh as much as possible and use it as an opportunity to make lots of mistakes and to learn from them.


June 18 – Go Fishing Day

I’ve never liked fishing – the part with the fish, anyway. I vote to leave the poor fish alone, but to head out to the river or lake anyway with a good book and let the afternoon pass slowly by.


June 27 – National Handshake Day

Make up a class handshake, if you still have students. Or create one to share with your own kids or friends. The goofier the better.


Happy June!


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Celebrate Every Day in June 2013!
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