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November is the start of the holiday season, so there are lots of reasons to celebrate. Besides Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day, this month we also get to celebrate deviled eggs, nachos, fast food, cake, parfaits, homemade bread, and pickles alongside model railroads and games and puzzles.


Other Days to Celebrate:


November 13: Young Readers’ Day

I spent this morning listening to kindergarten and first grade students from my own kids’ classes at school reading. This was the first time I’d read with the 1st graders, and I was quite surprised by what a difference there was between the two groups. Those first graders have learned so much! I was inspired anew to read more with my own kids at home.


November 22: Go for a Ride Day

I especially like this one because I just bought myself a bicycle, the first I’ve had since I was a kid. I’m hoping the weather will stay fall-like long enough to still be riding that far into November!


November 24: Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Everyone has one. Let your students shine this day by giving them a chance to share some of the things that make them unique, which may including giving them some options for creative ways to show what they are learning.


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Celebrate Every Day in November 2013!

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