5+ Ways Parents Can Help with Spelling – For the Teachers

We’re now just about half-way through my daughter’s kindergarten year, and we still don’t have a good homework routine in place in our house. She doesn’t have much – little books to read each night, one weekly assignment focused on a letter in the alphabet, the occasional incomplete math worksheet.

Most of the time we get most of it done. But the one thing we drop the ball on almost every week is her list of spelling words. It just seems like one thing too many. She’s a bright enough kid that most weeks she still does well on her spelling test, but this week she missed 3 out of 5, and it was pretty obvious we hadn’t practiced at all. (She spelled glue “gow.” Oops.)

So, for me and any other parents looking for some fun and unique ways to practice spelling words with kids, here are five ideas I’ll be trying over the next few weeks, and a few extra just because.




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5+ Ways Parents Can Help with Spelling
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