Math Lesson Plans – Idaho Standards – For the Teachers

Like the Reading lesson ideas I shared yesterday, these lessons were originally put together for the website, using the Idaho State Standards.


Lesson_Subject_Math_thumbnail Algebra & Patterns – Repeating Patterns (Grades K-2, RIT <111-190) Blocks and Puzzle Patterns [w]
– Order puzzle-like pieces to make a pattern Pattern Puzzles:
Lesson_Subject_Math_thumbnail Measurement: Capacity (Grades 3-8, RIT <161-260) Measuring Capacity[w]
– Measure, convert fluid ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons
Lesson_Subject_Math_thumbnail Statistics: Mean, Median, Mode, Range (Grades 5-10, RIT 211-260) Mean” Group [w]
Students work with friends to collect data to calculate
Lesson_Subject_Math_thumbnail Computation: Whole Number Addition (Grade 2-8, RIT <161-230) $1 Math [w]
Addition, Mental Math and Estimation in a word game 
Lesson_Subject_Math_thumbnail Computation: Whole Number Multiplication (Grade 3-6, RIT 161-230) Product Lines Game 
– Multiplication Fact Practice in a fun game
 Lesson_Subject_Math_thumbnail Number Sense: Whole Numbers: Represent/Identify (Grades 1-5, RIT <161-240) Whole Number Jeopardy (Place Value) [w]
– Game with place value to the hundreds, up to millions 


Math Lesson Plans – Idaho Standards
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