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What is the ISAT?

The ISATs (Idaho Standards Achievement Tests) are computerized tests used to asses students’ proficiency in reading, math, and language in grades 3-10. The ISATs are given in the spring of each year; some students may retest in the fall.

The resources on this website were created for the original ISAT, which was created by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). In 2007, a new version of the ISAT, developed by Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) was implemented.

Because student scores on both tests are reported as RIT scores, and because both tests are based on the state’s educational standards, many of the tools here can still be beneficial.


ISAT Resources from Idaho State Department of Education and State Board of Education:


Sample Test Items: (2003)


ISAT Resources from Teachers: (based on the NWEA version of the ISAT)



ISAT Resources

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